Attention Forex Traders! Are you being…



Your Broker May Be “BENDING THE RULES” to
Steal Your Profits and Pad His Pockets

Take a Look at this Video to Discover a Stunning “Illusion” That Will Protect Your Forex Profits and Legally “Beat the Brokers” at Their Own Game


A Word About Ethical Brokers…

The things you will read in this letter do not reflect all brokers and we are not implying that all Brokers are dishonest. The NFA makes a lot of efforts to fight the bad seeds or to make their life difficult. Unfortunately, these bad guys manage to find their ways to bypass regulations.

Right now, Forex brokerages are in intense competition for every new client. at any cost.

Unfortunately some brokers have chosen to take the easy way out and use unethical manipulation, rules, and Forex account tampering to make their numbers.

As you read this letter please keep in mind that with proper guidance and safeguards like our Broker Nightmare software you can protect your account and safely trade Forex.

Many brokers are dishonest. To the untrained eye the difference might be hard to tell. We’ll do our best to protect you from those who are, so you can sleep well at night.


From: Vladimir & Marina
Re: Someone is stealing your profits

Dear Suspicious Trader:

You deserve every penny you earn Forex trading.

No one has the right to change your forex trading strategies, widen your spreads, or prematurely trigger your stop orders.

However, your broker may not agree.

Disgraceful but true -

Read on to learn how to protect your profits and not be a victim.

You Are Being Punished

For Being Smart

Your trading strategy starts to get some traction.  You are timing the market, taking your profits and avoiding draw-downs.

Then all of a sudden – your strategy stops working. Without warning your stop losses are triggered too early.  Your spreads are widened.  You are just slightly off from the market.

Most traders would chalk this up to bad luck. 

Not you. Let’s dig a bit deeper…

Are You Seeing these Danger Signs?

Have you recently started to see too many losing trades in your account?
Was your trading robot or manual system been profitable in demo but losing on a live real-money account?
Do your stop loss orders get triggered too often compared to your take profit orders?
Did you notice suspicious spread widening recently?
Do you have a feeling that the strategy you use is supposed to be more profitable but something gets in the way?

Here’s what’s happening…

Your broker has taken matters into his own hands.  Your Broker knows where your stop loss orders are set and may be triggering them intentionally (called “running the stops”)

or -

They may be modifying your account to widen your spreads in order to pad their pockets with extra commissions.

These aren’t paranoid delusions.
This Happens Every Day

Dear Mr. xxxxx,

As per your query regarding ticket #290######.
There was an error in the quotation process because of this the spikes occurred.

Unfortunately, these spikes were market-driven and thus we can't do anything about it.

Best Regards,

xxxx xxxxxx
Customer Services

Hello Vladimir,

Regarding the problem you reported in your email with spread widening causing your stop loss to be hit; our chief dealer investigated the matter and found that there was sudden spike in market volatility.

These events are out of our control and we are very sorry but the trade results cannot be changed.

Best regards

Chief Trader

After careful review of your recent trading activity, it has come to our attention that your trading style involves stop loss and take profit orders that are being placed very close to the market price.

This kind of orders causing us difficulties with our liquidity providers and therefore we cannot accept anymore similar activities.

I hope you will understand,

xxx xxxxxx

Account Manager

Revolutionary New Tool
Protect Your Forex Profits

Sophisticated Forex traders dominate their “field” offensively and defensively.  They know how to make money and they know how to defend it like a rabid German Shepherd.

Just like you need an intelligent robot or Technical Analysis strategy to watch and trade the market, you will need another EQUALLY intelligent tool working to hide, camouflage, and protect your trading strategy.

This is where Broker Nightmare comes in…

Teach Your Broker
To Mind His Own Business…

Imagine “legally” shielding your trading strategy so you fly under your broker’s radar!

How about literally showing your broker a slightly different view of your trading account; a view where your profits are protected and your strategy stays intact.

This isn’t science fiction.  In fact, you can see it in action right now –

How Broker Nightmare Works?

All the ideas for the smart features of Broker Nightmare came from our own trading experience and from requests by savvy Forex traders who needed such a tool like air to breathe.

Let me show you how this devilish tool insures that you get to keep the profits you’ve worked hard for…

Step #1:

When you first run the Broker's Nightmare a pop up window appears for you to enter your parameters:

This is where you put in the “safe” parameters that will be presented to your broker. If you're trading manually (not with an automated robot) you can also input here your real desired Stop and Profit, so that Nightmare can set them for you.

The idea is to put in a "fake" healthy stop and profit, that will convince your broker that “all is well” with your account.

Step #2:

When you click OK button, the Broker Nightmare gets to work presenting all the relevant data on the opened currency pair window.

Although your stop loss and take profits parameters are:

  • True Take Profits: 50 pips
  • True Stop Loss: 50 pips

Your Broker's sees a higher take profits and stop loss (500 pips as input by you) believing he has nothing to worry about…

(Remember the order number and time from the screenshot)

Let’s take a look at what the Broker’s window is showing -

The broker sees a safe 500 pip spread.  Nothing for him to worry about.  Better yet, nothing for him to tamper with.

Here’s Another Example :

Here the savvy trader wants to show the broker a 250 straddle.

In reality, this evil genius will close his position after 50 pips. 

At the brokerage, the traders’ broker is reviewing his accounts looking for “problematic strategies”. This means he’s looking for strategies that earn him lower commissions.

He comes across this traders account and this is what he 
sees -


(Here’s an actual screenshot from the broker’s trading screen….)

The broker sees a healthy 250 pip straddle and a client that is playing by his rules.  He moves on – never knowing that he’s just been fooled by Broker Nightmare.

You Won’t Believe These
Broker Horror Stories….
(Get them now for FREE)

It isn’t pretty.  In fact it’s downright scary. Put your name and email address below and receive our Special “Broker Horror Stories” Report for FREE.  We’ve sniffed out these scams and thought you should see them.  Go ahead and put your name and email address in the box below.

By the Way…

As part of Vladimir's commitment to contribute to the trading community, he has decided to provide you his trades in real time. Just like a signal service, but from a real profitable trader! Now you can trade alongside Vladimir for free, for the next 3 months. You’ll start receiving these free signals in your email inbox as soon as you tell us where to send them below.

So you see, the Broker's nightmare makes the broker believe that the stop loss and take profits are much wider while in practice you are free to use strategies which can assure you safer and quicker profits.

What About Unauthorized Spreading?

The key to making money on each trade is knowing your broker’s commission spread. 

In fact, you probably selected your broker based on their published spread.

However in our years trading the Forex, we’ve seen brokers change their spread to make more commission per trade.  They will do this if you are not trading in volume or you’re trading in currency pairs with lower commission spreads.

Broker Nightmare eliminates this practice by guarding your agreed upon spread like an obsessed German Shepherd. This is how it works –

  • Record Your Spread:  In the initial Broker Nightmare set-up screen, enter the spread agreed upon by you and your broker

  • Monitor Your Spread:  Broker Nightmare will continually monitor the agreed upon spread against the spread charged by the broker

  • Warning Alerts: If your broker changes the spread then Broker Nightmare will alert you immediately with an alert sign in your trading window.  You can use this information to contact your broker and get the spread reset to what you agreed.

Bottom Line:

  • Your trading strategy stays secret and secure.
  • Your trading profits remain intact fully protected from broker spying and manipulation
  • You can sleep at night knowing that you aren’t being robbed simply because you have a successful strategy.


Take Back Control Over Your
Trading Account

No one should prevent you from making legal trades with your forex trading strategies.  You should have complete freedom to set your Take Profit and Stop Losses anyway you see fit.

But many brokers force you to only place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders which are far from the market price. This severely cripples your ability to cut losses quickly or take quick profits.

Take a look at how this broker limits the trader to a 4 pip distance from the market. Outrageous!

Now you can put a stop to this interference.

With Broker Nightmare, we’ve built in the ability to mask your Take Profit and Stop less price triggers.  You can set them even 1 pip away from the market and your broker wouldn’t know the difference. Now you can work your trading strategy without broker interference.

Protect Against Accidental Closure

Protect against accidental closure: When you set your true stop and profit levels, you can be sure they are safe with the Broker Nightmare. Even if you accidentally close MetaTrader, experience a power failure or computer crash – when you re-open MetaTrader your levels will still be there and Broker Nightmare will immediately re-start to guard your levels.

Protection against:
  • Computer crashes
  • Accidental closure
  • Power failures

Note: MetaTrader must be on and connected to the broker's servers, in order to be able to close trades at levels the broker can't track.

By the way, let’s talk about something you might be thinking about - 

We’ve got a man on the inside

You may be asking – “How do you know what will show up on the brokers trading screen” The answer is simple.

We have a man on the inside.  Vladimir's best buddy works in a major Forex  brokerage firm for over 10 years. He's agreed to help Vladimir with his invention, and provided the screen shots that you see here. His only condition was that he will remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

His position gives him access to broker terminals where we repeatedly tested Broker Nightmare together. 

We guarantee that it works because we’ve seen it in action.  The screenshots you just viewed were REAL, not photo-touched tricks. 

Vladimir is also one of the world’s leading designers of artificial intelligence trading robots. These robots are built using the latest methods, including genetic algorithms and neural networks (self teaching).

When you combine Vladimir’s insight into the trading and broker sides of the house then you can understand why Broker Nightmare is an unstoppable – must have tool.

Broker Nightmare literally makes your accounts and strategy tamper-proof. This is industrial-strength protection.

Our Toughest TestOur Colleagues…

Our colleagues are ruthless SOB’s that tell “it like it is”. Here’s what they had to say about Broker Nightmare



Questions and Answers –

Since Broker Nightmare is a new and revolutionary product, we will do our best to answer any questions you have about it. Here are the most frequently asked:

Q: Can beginners use Broker Nightmare to protect their profits?
A: Absolutely. This tool will benefit both newbie and veteran traders. As you've already seen it is very easy to use but very powerful and active in protecting your trading account.

Q: What type of traders need the Broker Nightmare on their side?
A: There are several types of traders that need the Broker Nightmare: Traders who trade manually; traders who use automated trading robots; traders who use a signal service provider; account managers and fund traders (both manual and automated trading).

Q: Will I need to pay a monthly fee to use Broker Nightmare?
A: No! You only pay a one-time fee, and never have to pay again, this valuable tool is your to keep.

Q: Is Broker Nightmare illegal to use?
A: No!  It is perfectly legal. Your trading strategy is your property. The data you provide to your broker is voluntary and now you can be sure it is not used against you.

Q: Is Broker Nightmare compatible with my current Forex software?
A: Broker Nightmare is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Q: If I experience a power failure or accidental restart, how will the Nightmare behave?
A: The Nightmare will always remember the levels you set for your true profit and stop loss levels. You just need to open your MetaTrader, and Nightmare will instantly return to guarding your stops and profits.

Q: I’m not a computer geek.  Is Broker Nightmare easy to install?
A: It is the easiest tool to install and use, and you receive a comprehensive, detailed step-by-step instruction manual. We made this manual fool-proof so you've nothing to worry about.


How Much Profit Protection
Do You Want?

Of course you want 100% protection.  But I ask the question because I want you to think about how much your profits and hard work are worth?

Can you afford to lose 10,20, or even 50% of your profits to broker fraud and manipulation.

That’s what at stake.

So, you can understand why Broker Nightmare owners would have been happy to pay 10x the price of Broker Nightmare. 

One savvy customer said that you can’t put a price on a tool that makes saves you money.  I couldn’t agree more.

Broker Nightmare makes sure that each successful trade stays that way!

You really can’t put a price on this security.

But let’s try…

My No B.S. Offer

Order Broker Nightmare right now and I will put it in your hands for just $67.

It’s a ridiculously low price.

You probably spend more on a night out on the town with your loved ones….

But for just $67.00 you will get immediate access to the Broker Nightmare software. 

Within 3 minutes, you can have the Broker Nightmare installed and monitoring your account.

No complicated manuals or geek steps to follow.

Just enter a few parameters and hit “go”.  That’s it. 

But, Delay Will Cost You…

You are in a race against time.  The next forex trading session could be when your broker decides to line his pockets with your profits.

That’s why you should move now and order Broker Nightmare at it’s limited time price of $67.
Remember, you are not risking a single cent.

Here’s How to Order
Broker Nightmare

Click the “Order Now” button below to immediately lock-in your limited time price of just $67.  Once we’ve received your payment confirmation, we will email you instructions for downloading Broker Nightmare.  Remember Broker Nightmare is yours to keep – no annoying monthly payments. 


Owner of the Broker Nightmare Project

Visit my personal blog

P.S. Please keep news of Broker Nightmare to yourself.  Broker Nightmare is a powerful insurance policy against broker tampering.  We want to keep it that way. So please keep all knowledge of Broker Nightmare and its secret capabilities to yourself.
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